The following information explains our policies and procedures for the use of facilities of Okemos Public Schools.  Numbers for school personnel are listed below. You will receive these same procedures once your use has been formally approved. Once your use has been approved, under special circumstances, you may have your event cancelled or moved.  This is only done as a last resort because of school scheduling conflicts or because of severe weather. 
  1. If your event is not during regular school hours, lasts beyond the regularly scheduled custodial day, or if an additional custodian is called in for your event during regularly scheduled days, you will incur custodial overtime charges.  For a Saturday after 4 p.m. or anytime Sunday, charges begin ½ hour before your event.  For any event, charges end when the school has been cleaned and readied for the next day. In general it takes at least one hour to completely clean up after an event. It really depends how you leave the facility.
  2. You are charged for the space you use for the time you are actually using it.
  3. If you are reserving the cafeteria, access to the kitchen is not available.
  4. When using the auditorium, it is mandatory that an Okemos School district technician provide lighting and sound assistance. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements with the school involved. You must notify the Technician of your event at least two weeks prior to the event date.  If arrangements are not made, the reservation will be cancelled.
  5. If your event is scheduled during the winter, please be advised that if the parking lot has to be plowed specifically for your event, you will be charged for that service.
  6. Once your building use has been approved, your event will have a tentative status until we receive payment in full.  Payment in full must be made at least 24 hours before the date of your event.  You will be billed approximately 1-2 weeks after your event if you have incurred additional custodial or technician charges.  In the event of over payment, you will be reimbursed as quickly as possible.
  7. If you have requests for equipment made after your use of facility has been approved, it is your responsibility to contact the facility coordinator and/or the lead custodian of the school where your event will be held.  This could also affect the cost of your facility rental.

 School   Title   Name  Phone Number 
 All Schools   Operations   Steve Lathrop   517-706-5037
 All Schools   Facility Coordinator   Cathy McKenna   517-706-5032
 All Schools  Food Service  Lynna Hassenger   517-706-5012
 All Schools  Technician  Alan Demski  773-909-2526
 Chippewa  Secretary  Jocy Smith  517-706-4802
 Chippewa  Lead Custodian  Steve Oberst  517-706-4850
 Kinawa  Secretary   Lisa Bowen  517-706-4702
 Kinawa  Lead Custodian  Ron Curtis  517-706-4750
 High School   Secretary  Jennifer Crites   517-706-4902
 High School   Lead Custodian   Ken Green  517-706-4950